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Milfs Like It Big presents: Milf spots big cock in her kitchen and fucks the shiiiit out of it

Scene Title: You down with O.P.P?

Storyline: Mrs. Laveaux is currently going through a terrible divorce. Unfortunately with the housing crisis adding to her troubles, she can no longer afford to keep her house. She then decides to setup an extra room for rent; which Billy Glide scouts and takes. However Billy begins to over steps his boundary, as he freely takes her food, loiters around the house naked and uses her stuff without asking. Difficult times call for desperate measures when he draws the last straw; she grabs him by the balls and drains every last drop in him as pay back.
Milf: Shayla Leveaux
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What people are saying about: Shayla Leveaux - You down with O.P.P? milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Lovetomakeherwet2 said: Love the scene, Shayla looks fuckin great. I don"t know what the hell the people are talking about that she looks old. I fuck the shit out of her any day. She has a great body for her age that pussy looks great love the way she takes care of it. As for Billy good scene but, looks like he can stay hard at times. Shit, I 'd fuck the shit out of her for free. Please bring her back for more scenes.

Comment #2

RARCH203 said: Finally you put a great looking, hot milf in your reportoire. I've been a member for awhile, and I'm glad you finally put a woman who doesn't look like a martian with a giant ass in here. Do more of this, and I'll stay here, toned, real women with tight, toned, even tanned bodies who know what to do with them.

Comment #3

robb201 said: Eh...she's average looking, but her voice is annoying. The scenario was decent, the sex was average. These MILF sites aren't usually my type. Overall it was an alright milfs like it big scene, she's not bad loking for your milf sites, but her voice was kind of annoying and the sex wasn't the greatest. 7/10.

Comment #4

op9Hkib82 said: You can't call urself the Best porn site on the planet without having Shayla and now you do. Holy crap she is still as hot as ever even though she's been around a while. Toned body, cute eyes and that always sexy way she talks so much. FANTASTIC! MORE MORE MORE please.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: I've never seen Shayla before but with her being older. I would say that she has been around. If not, well then she is not stranger to fucking on camera. Smoking hot toned up body too bad that her ass is flat. The setup could have been slightly better. So she is separated and cock starved. Instead of Billy walking around naked on day three. How about he has a chick in his bed waiting for him as he showers. Shayla sees the chick and throws her out cause she is jealous. Billy hears a catfight and gets pissed about his pussy leaving. So now Shayla must replace the other chick which is exactly what she wanted. As the sex was rolling along, I thought Billy was back to normal. As hot as the reverse cowgirl was I knew that scene took a turn for the worst. I've two days in a row of Billy cradle style. That has to end with the quickness. He could barely hold his nut besides she did all the work in cradle. I give her much props for that. Snoogans!

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