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Milfs Like It Big presents: Nikki Sexx loves to play with the plumbers big pipe

Scene Title: Get me Wet Mr. Plumber

Storyline: Nikki is back from a bad day at work and is looking forward to taking a long, relaxing soak in the hot tub. She turns on the pipes and lo and behold no water!! A bad day just getting worse for Nikki. She calls in the plumber to check her pipes. While working on her plumbing he can't seem keep his eyes off Nikki's big tits through her robe. Nikki needing to unwind decided if she can't a hot bath she'll take some hot sex from the well built plumber.
Milf: Nikki Sexx
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What people are saying about: Nikki Sexx - Get me Wet Mr. Plumber milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

damain_duffy said: nikki is hot as hell, but billy. c'mon no more. he was moaning more than she was and he pulled out so many times. its obvious he cant fuck anymore. please no more

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: It's a damn good thing this scene started the way it did. The Original Dime Piece was looking exquisite in her work clothes. Still looking like a crisp hundred dollar bill in her robe enters Billy. Everything slowly goes downhill from that point. They really didn't have a smooth transition into the sex. I think she made it work cause he was talking about using the dryer. I can't fault her at all cause she gave as much effort as possible. She knows he struggling to keep from cumming. She decides to take over the riding so he could relax. He relaxed right into limpness. She couldn't win for losing. So obvious she was frustrated with him. I'm sure he's a proud performer that gets upset with himself too for his lack of performing. The lighting got darker after the doggy too. I couldn't believe he still billed her for the work. She should of billed him for not bringing the goods to the scene. At least he had plenty of cum. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Seinfeldfan said: This milfs like it big scene pretty much met every expectation I had. Nikki looked incredible from the jump in that power suit, then it only got better once she ditched it for the robe. The scene was damn near ALL Nikki. The head she put on Billy was respectable. She went in on it, and even went back it later with increased intensity. The reverse cowgirl was absolute money. So was the standard cowgirl, for that matter. Nikki was riding & grinding like a college freshman on a mechanical bull during spring break. Gotta give Billy props here too, as he was pretty decent. He gave it to her pretty good during the doggy and towards the end of the mish. In closing, I enjoyed this scene a good deal. Nikki's the shit and I too don't know why ZZ doesn't holler at her more often. She's got the goods to be a regular 'round here. Keep her coming.

Comment #4

daviddag12 said: Nikki is loking sooooo hot ! Now since dumb ass Brazzers won't get rid of Billy , Hey Billy do the right thing and get rid of yourself pleaseeeee!!!

Comment #5

Damian13 said: SHES BACK!!!!!!!!

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