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Scene Title: The Puma Unleashes in the Bathhroom Stall

Storyline: Puma Swede and her friend are out drinking it up at a club. Puma is extremely drunk and all she wants to do is have a good time, but before anything she needs to go pee. In a hurry she takes off to the bathroom but the toilet is occupied so she runs into the guys bathroom. While in the stall she over hears two guys talking about something big, long and girls love it. When one of the strangers leave Puma forces the strangers dick in her.
Milf: Puma Swede
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What people are saying about: Puma Swede - The Puma Unleashes in the Bathhroom Stall milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

MissSnoogans! said: Wow Puma looked absurdly stunning. I can't believe they are at a club and Keiran is wearing a hoodie. Damn Keiran pushes Puma to her limits. She's already a great fuck but gets her to cross the line. I liked how he was long stroking her during doggy. I can't believe they didn't put a whole through the wall during mish. She was pumping on him so hard. I was expecting water to come flowing out of his mouth. Another great milfs like it big scene from the two of them. Snoogans!

Comment #2

hkdsk8ta430 said: I, personally, find Puma Swede to be very beautiful. I think she is good at what she does, but I found this scene a little obnoxious. The obsessive heaving to indicate her intoxication level turned me off a little. She is very sexy and has a beautiful body, but she could do a little less talking and a little more fucking.

Comment #3

live4porn said: Puma Swede. is an awesome Actress, however as a customer of porn I believe porn stars should play to there strengths. In Puma's case that doesn't include the ability to ( Deep Throat). I love to watch this girl she's hot, and has the look of a woman we'd all love to sex. However when I was watching the Oral-sex part of this Video I had to fast forward to the doggie style sex, due to the gross nature of watching a Professional Porn star tring to take a dick down her throat when she obviously has a Major Gag-reflex as do most girls. It's not a turn-on to watch a girl, Gag,Drool,Cough,and wretch while she's tring to push a stud's dick down her thoat. Puma if you can't do it right (Don't do it). There's nothing wrong with not being able to Deep Throat it's a rare gift that should be left up to though's that can do it, and love to do it. Puma if you do read this I'm not tring to slam you, just alittle advise from one of your (Fans) :) Your still one of my Favorites.

Comment #4

SoBig4Just1Girl said: Girls should never eat guys' asses. It's disgusting. Girls should only have their asses eaten. Guys should never spit at any time. Girls can spit all they want. These are a few of the RULES of good porn. Learn them. Accept them. Follow them. Here endeth the lesson for today. And to the weirdo constantly posting about feet, either go to a foot fetish site or shut up.

Comment #5

The_Franklin said: The storyline and setting was good. Puma was just funny when she was acting drunk. The sex was just hot. Puma sucked on that dick like it was her last! The fucking was just great. Puma had to cum a lot. Keiran Lee was great as always. I liked how he mention his surgery from the Doctor Adventures scene. Great scene guys! Thanks Brazzers!

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