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Milfs Like It Big presents: Diamond Foxxx inherits big cock from dead aunt

Scene Title: Big Cock Inheritor

Storyline: Its a messy family affair when Diamond's sister's will is read to the remaining family members. Diamond being the closest to her spinster sister expects the biggest items like her house, cars and all her diamonds; however the will is read and all the others receive all valuables. Diamond is left wondering what of possible value could be left for her; she learns her sister left her a big cock, one that served her well. Diamond understands the value and gets a pounding more valuable them all the riches she didn't receive.
Milf: Daimond Foxxx
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What people are saying about: Daimond Foxxx - Big Cock Inheritor milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

omggg that bloke is such a cocky twat!!! why fuckin pull out then run up to the wall??!! dickhead, can see she is doin most of the work in this!! a++++ to diamonds hot little figure ya got darlz =) shame about the guy ur fucking =

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: This was a pretty bad script to me, but as everyone else said, Diamond is straight gorgeous. Love watching her get dressed in the beginning. I don't think she was into the scene while on the table, but as soon as she got on top, the scene picked up. Her ass is never mentioned, but I think it's just as good as the rest of her, especially when it's bouncing on a dick. Even with a lame setup and half the scene being kinda boring, she still makes it work.

Comment #3

bansheee69 said: Diamond is for sure the best looking fuck bunny on this site..........just fucken BEAUTIFUL! amazing body...a rack to kill for. if i had a few million bucks id give my self to her as a boy / fuck toy in a heartbeat! what a fucken babe! i love it when she cums on dicks..........she needs to do more creaming!

Comment #4

Jack66 said: Did Diamond get some work done on her face? She looks absolutely beautiful! I have never seen her look as stunning and I look forward to all her smoldering hot scenes! Her makeup is perfect, well done! Diamond looks 10 years younger and is giving me a very hard cock! Why is everyone hating on Billy?! The guy is hung like a horse eats ass and fucks like a champ! Diamond looks great with that great bick cock in her mouth and tight pussy! Nice cumshot to end a great Diamond scene!

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: I hate to be like this but I have to say it once again. Billy is doing more harm than good. I'm sure he is a sweetheart and everyone gets along with him. Friends is one thing but this is about business. As for the story, I would have rather seen Billy in a tux or suit. That way when Diamond sees him she is even more irate about her inheritance. So either Gerald or Billy tells that he was her private escort. So she throws out the words BIG money, BIG jewels, and BIG house are all gone. Now he whips out his BIG cock. I've already complained about the sex. However the cowgirl was filmed just right. I loved seeing her really rock that cock before he pulled out too. Last complaint or recommendation is have him cum on the boobs. His facials miss every damn time. Snoogans!

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