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Milfs Like It Big presents: Busty Mom Speed Dating for Big Cock

Scene Title: Speed Dating

Storyline: Austin attends the Brazzers Speed Dating Event and discovers that there are no good men out there for her. That is until she runs into ex-con, Ramon, who is fresh out the pen! She seems to overlook the fact that he was convicted of murder when he just happens to mention the size of his cock! She whisks him off to a more private place to get more familiar with his huge privates!
Milf: Austin Kincaid
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What people are saying about: Austin Kincaid - Speed Dating milfslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: MJ you were thinking of "40 Year Old Virgin". I like the idea of the speed-dating scenario, good change of pace. Austin "works with what she's got"? That confuses me because "what she's got" is one of the best bodies that porn has ever seen; amazing rack, phenominal ass, and lucious curves. And imo, I think she's gorgeous, she has that of "classic" type look. Ramon always fucks these girls proper, but Robb201 made me lmao cuz I see what he's sayin about how he's gonna snap one day and kill some people, lol. Never a bad scene from Ausint Kincaid

Comment #2

Jack66 said: This shit is too funny. 27 1/2, lives with mother, really good at Dungeons and Dragons, heres a computer programming book! Stupid one liners from Kevin James lookalike! Austin looks pissed to be there! Mr Rich and boring sex average dick no thanks. "10 inches?" "Do you think maybe you want to get out of here?"Shwing!!! "I can't even go down all the way!" "You gotta practice!" LOL I really enjoyed Austin's cock worshipping! "Does that feel good?" jerking him off, sweet!Great BJ by Austin has my hards cock standing at attention!!! "Its too big! I can't get it down all the way!" I feel pre-cum boiling! 'You lke to fuck my tits/" Whoop, there it is!Great camera work capturing the tittyfucking. Austin has great fucking huge tits!Wow, Ramon fucks the ever living shit out of Austin, HOT!!!My cock is having great fun watching Austin's big fucking tits bounce all over the place!Facial and "you better call me!" LMAO!!!

Comment #3

robb201 said: Damn, I'm starting to love Austin more and more everytime I see her. She looked great in this milfs like it big scene, love her tits and her ass. An ass like that is made for anal, when will we see it Austin!!? You didn't capture the squirt good and some of the camera angles weren't the greatest. Ramon still sucks and I still say he's going to snap one day and end up killing someone or multiple people. The scenario could have been much better, but the pick up lines that were used were pretty funny. Overall, a decent scene, but some things could have been better. 8/10.

Comment #4

energy22 said: Passed my test. I had a great orgasm watching it. Austin Kincaid isn't what I'd call the most beautiful or gorgeous girl in porn. But, man, she knows how to work with what she's got. I really like the fact that she looks normal. A lot of girls seem to think they need a lot of surgery, tattoos, unnatural hair and all that shit. Austin is just herself. I like that. Ramon did a terrific job. I just might put this in my permanent collection.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Wasn't Austin suppose to giggle until her boob popped out? Never mind I'm thinking of the wrong movie. I knew Austin always had a nice body. I just never noticed the jiggle in her wiggle. That doggy looked hot with her ass just waving off his cock. Ramon look delicious as usual. This was a nice hot scene. That was the loudest I heard Austin ever get during the squirt claw. Snoogans!

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